This page is meant to be a sort of secondary blog, where I will post different videos of my favorite Spoken Word poets performing their poetry. Spoken Word is an art form that is incredibly powerful, and there is so much to learn from it. These poems have significant meaning to me, and I hope that you find meaning in them yourselves.

Letter to the Playground Bully - Andrea, age 8 1/2

This spoken word poem, composed and performed by Andrea Gibson, was written to address the bullying that takes place in schools. It specifically addresses harassment aimed toward those of different sexual orientations or those with non-traditional gender expression or identity. Spoken as a letter from the poet's eight-year-old self, it is a beautifully powerful piece. See Andrea's website here.

To This Day 

Like Andrea Gibson's poem, Letter to a Playground Bully, this spoken word poem powerfully speaks about the effect of bullying. However, it takes a different approach: it speaks about how bullying effects adults who suffered through it as a child, even to this day. Touching, moving, and incredibly powerful, this poem will remind you that your words have an impact. The video, created by many different artists, is a perfect counterpart to the poetry. See the website for the To This Day Project here.



This video, shows Sarah Kay - probably my favorite spoken word poet - performing two of her poems and speaking about how she became the writer that she is. The poetry is astounding and beautifully performed. Every writer - and every thinker - should watch this video. It's long, but it's definitely worth it. See her website here.


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