Photo Gallery

Welcome to The Writer's Journal Photo Gallery! Here, you will see creative photos taken by visitors of our website. To submit photographs, send the photo(s) along with a few sentences or a short paragraph about your submissions to submitwritersjournal@gmail.comIf the photo has inspired you to write something like a poem or essay, send us that writing too, and we will publish it along with the photo!

 Ben M. took these photos on a camping trip with his family.

About the photos, he says: "I was looking through the computer and saw the following photos! Both of them are from a camping trip that I went on a year ago. They are all from one hike in early fall."

Emma C. took all of these creative, abstract photos.

She took them for a school project that she did throughout the school year. These photographs are certainly perfect for getting inspiration for writing. They're practically poetry in their own right! Some of the pictures are cut off, so you may have to click on them to enlarge them and see the full pictures.

 This photograph was taken by Cate L., Sierra R., Grace T., and Taylor O., all from Colorado.

They all had Converse shoes and used that to stage a beautiful, creative photograph. The photo comes out kind of small on the page, so click on it to enlarge.

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