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Google+ Go to and search for "Danielle Cooke" or "The Writer's Journal" to view updates and info on all things TWJ. Because this website is now inactive, the same goes for this Google+ account.

Instagram You can find me under the username @daniellecookewrites

Easy ways to contact me are through the site surveys and the form below. Use the email address above for longer/more important queries and to submit writing.

 But It's Not Just Writing!

Are you an artist, looking to inspire people? Or an amateur filmmaker, waiting to produce your first movie? We've got a place for you! Submit photographs, videos, illustrations, [pictures of] sculptures, etc. that you feel have the power to inspire people.

And if, by chance, this artwork you have done inspired you or someone else to write something, go ahead and send that, too! We'll publish them side-by-side.

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To give advice and submit writing, send your fully edited and revised submissions to Your submission will be looked over for edits before being published to our site on the Writing page. I'll email you back and you'll know that your submission has been received. Check our site to see if your writing has been published! Submit with your first name, last intial, and state / province.

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To ask questions or give comments, fill out the contact form below. If you prefer, you can email your question or comment directly to Please don't expect your question to be answered right away. If have any suggestions or want to help us improve our site, fill out the Site Survey next to the contact form.

Note: I do need your real email address so that we can send you answers to any questions that you may have. Otherwise, your form will have no effect. I will not give your email address out to anyone else (of course) and will use it for no other purpose than to answer any questions that you may have.

This form is meant to enable you to send us general questions and comments about The Writer's Journal. If you have a question that is more urgent or very specific, please email it directly to Thank you!

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