A Year

a short time in the past
a long time in the future

Marika S, Colorado

Love Poem

Blue stars in your eyes

On the wings of an eagle,

My love for you flies.

Soaring higher and higher,

And touching the skies.


I reached up above,

And pulled a star from the sky.

To place it within,

Your precious mind’s eye.


To dwell there forever,

As my love for you.

On the wings of our love,

Enduring and true.


Stacy H, Colorado

Person of Wonder 
Dedicated to my grandmother, Sally S. Boasberg 1937-2012
Person of wonder
shining bright
in the moon's
full light
Person of wonder
You are my star
The one I will look up to
in my times of fear
the one of great beauty
so pure, so sweet
the one that's my idol
for reasons unspoken
Person of wonder
why can't you stay?
you know we all love you
don't go away

Person of Wonder, by Nola B, Colorado

The Dusty Book

What is in the dusty old book sitting on the dusty old bookshelf?

What wonders does it hold?

How many hundreds of words lay within?

what sort of story is printed into its pages?

Will I be able to read the words inside, or will they be like the cover: unreadable?

If I grab it too hard, will it disintegrate into dust?

Has anyone ever read the book?

How did the book get to the dusty bookshelf?

Who could have written the dusty old book?

Will I ever read the dusty old book sitting on the dusty old bookshelf?


The Dusty Book, by Ben M, Colorado


I sit outside,
In the cold winter snow
Leaning against the pole
Next to the front porch stairs,
Not a warm fire place tonight
Tonight everything is wrong 

Girl, by Grace L, Colorado

Spontaneous Poetry

By Mitchell A, Colorado

Spontaneous Poem Mitchell.doc Spontaneous Poem Mitchell.doc
Size : 12 Kb
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Little Bird

Jamie A, Colorado


Little bird, little bird, you know you want to fly

little bird, little bird, yearning for the sky,

little bird, little bird, wishing to be free

little bird, little bird, soon...

soon you will be. 


By Anonymous

With subjects from regret to cocoanut trees, these thought-provoking poems are sure to make you wonder, think, and imagine in new ways.

Anonymous Poems.doc Anonymous Poems.doc
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 The Hidden Princess

By Alli C., Colorado

As I sit

With my eyes closed

embracing the sun on my back

I hear a faint buzz

coming closer



until it stops


I open my eyes

and look around

at the world that surrounds me

and suddenly I spot

a wasp

resting her wings

why do people fear

this incredible creature

no one thinks about

her beauty

her delicate papery wings

her bright yellow stripes

all people think about

is her stinger.

By Tevye R., Colorado
Castle, on the hill
Dark clouds
Sirens Blazing
All lights
Watermelon in the sky
Every Second
Ten feet closer
Castle, on the hill
. . .
. .
Piercing Boom
Dust settling
Castle on the hill
To Dust
In the Second
World War.
Hawaii’s Most Stunning Creation
Macie B, Colorado
I float
in the warm
salty ocean
I see the shore is nearing
I swim
colors dart beneath me
Though nobody can see me
My dark shell
And rough skin
Blend with the Hawaiian lava rocks
I pull myself onto hot, smooth sand
Using my fins
I gradually
move farther
away from the sea
I stop
this spot will be perfect
Sunshine warms me
I can feel my body
The salty water
fill the Air
I’m hidden
out of sight
Eventually sounds disappear
All but the waves crashing behind me
It feels as if I’m
the only being on Earth
The peacefulness of this thought
soothes me
I close my eyes
sleep is coming
cloud my thoughts
I can feel them
Something Cold
and Wet
touches my shell
I'm irritated now
but breathing
solves everything
The tension
s  l  i  p  s

This is Not a Love Poem
By Danielle C, Colorado
Last year, my teacher said:
Write a short story
and so I did
and it was about love lost.

And this year my heart said:
Write a novel
and so I did
and it was about love found.

I have never loved before.
   I have seen beautiful people
   and fallen in love with ideas
But I have never loved

like my writing has.

But they tell me:
Write what you know
and so I say
Write what you want to know and
Write what you wish to feel --

Someone once told me
that someone once said:
I don't know what I think until I write
and so I write to learn
about the world and about myself

And I write about love --
but this is not a love poem.

This is not a love poem
and I have never loved.

Where I'm From

By Nola B, Colorado 

"I am from light-laced buildings

          from D'aulaires Book of Greek Myths

          And constellations putting kids to sleep with stories eons old..."

Where I'm From.doc Where I'm From.doc
Size : 27.5 Kb
Type : doc

Mountain Sun and Stars

By Grace T, Colorado 

I step outside
to watch the setting sun
The glowing pink sphere
slowly moves
until it’s under the
tall peak of a foggy blue mountain
When it’s out of sight
I look all around at the clouds
tinted pink and orange
as if colored with oil pastels
The vivid colors stick in my mind
as I glance once more
at the purple mountains
dusk slowly takes me in
I sit there for a moment
feeling the evening breeze
fade away slowly with the light
until the sky turns a calm purple
and stars start to shine
I feel the coolness of the ground
on my bare skin
as I lay down in the soft grass
I look up
into the dark night sky
after a few minutes that feel like hours
I slowly make my way back inside
I wake up the next morning
and the sky is pink once again
only this time
the beautiful mountain sun
is rising instead of setting 
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