It Was a Pitch Black October Night...

By Mitchell A, Colorado

"Many years ago, a young child was seen wandering the streets, never seeming to have anywhere to go. Nobody knew who he was or where he came from......"

It was a  pitch black October night.doc It was a pitch black October night.doc
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 Martin Stretched...

By Mitchell A, Colorado

"At the time this story begins, Martin was an ordinary boy who did ordinary things. He lived in a wonderful little house in the city and had two parents who loved him more than life itself....."

 The Tale of the Mouse that Wanted to be a Bird

By Mitchell A, Colorado

"A long time ago, between the grasses of the river valley, there lived a mouse......"

The Tale of the Mouse....doc The Tale of the Mouse....doc
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Type : doc


By Mitchell A, Colorado

"Seth stretched and squinted at the brutal morning sunlight, washing over the dark city streets and painting everything a dull shade of red. He stretched and looked out from the tiny side street that was his home..."

Archeslyvania.doc Archeslyvania.doc
Size : 43 Kb
Type : doc

The Story of Blubberz

By Tevye R, Colorado

"Blubberz was a normal, blue-colored fish with a cool name. After college at Sandford, he lived on his own and didn't talk to his parents much. He liked doing things on his own..."

Blubberz.doc Blubberz.doc
Size : 38 Kb
Type : doc
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