Here is yet another writing excercise that I find fun, interesting, and exciting to do. Do you ever wake up and suddenly remember a strange, scary, exciting, or happy dream that you had, and wished that you had a way to remember it forever? Well, maybe it's just me, but I sure have. So here are a few ways to remember it:
  • Write it down, with full details--truthfully, without adding extra things. Try to make it descriptive enough so that your reader can imagine what the dream looked like without even having experienced it.

  • Illustrate this piece of writing with an important scene! This way, the reader will be able to first guess what it was like when they read it, and then see what it was like for you! This will be interesting to the reader because, chances are, the two images are probably completely different! 

Do this excercise, and send it here, along with the illustration! The illustration will appear on the "Creative Entries" page, and the writing will, of course, go on the "Writing" page.

Happy Writing!

Keep on checking our site for updates! I hope to get many more writing, photographs (we don't have any except for mine), and creative entries.