Hi, and happy summer!

Well, it's finally here - time for rest and relaxation. And with all this free time, writing is probably the last thing on your mind. Why spend your time writing when you could be swimming? Or hanging out with friends? But it is incredibly important to continue writing over the summer months, just like it's important to practice math or a foreign language. So if you can't write, read.

During the summer, I usually choose light, short books such as YA Realistic Fiction or even magazines. However, poetry can also be a fun and relaxing read as well. Still don't feel like reading? Then do the next best thing... listen to it. Try going online and searching for some spoken word poetry.

What is spoken word poetry? Spoken word poetry is poetry that is performed instead of written and read. Because it is a performance art, spoken word usually includes heavy rhythm and improvisation. Here are some of my favorites to get you started:
  • Sarah Kay (http://www.kaysarahsera.com/)
  • Shane Koyczan (http://www.shanekoyczan.com/) - Check out his anti-bullying project, To This Day (here) for major inspiration.
  • Anis Morgani - unfortunately, he doesn't have a website that I can find. See one of my favorites of his poems here and look him up on YouTube for more.

And there are many more out there. Just "Googling" Spoken Word Poetry will give you a whole slew of wonderful poetry to explore.

And who knows? Maybe after this, you'll feel like writing your own...