Happy Spring Break, everybody! I know Spring Break is the perfect time to relax, but it's also the perfect time for two more things...reading and writing!

Whether it's still snowing where you are or the flowers are blooming, nature is beautiful this time of year! So get outside and try writing a haiku, poem, story, or even a list inspired by the nature you see! And in spring, love is in the air, so why not attempt a love story? I guarantee that writing a love story with genuine feelings is one of the most difficult writing excercises you will ever encounter. Rise to the challenge!

Next, with all that free time and beautiful weather, Spring Break is the time to read read read! Looking for some book recommendations? Check out my school's book blog, full of book recommendations in every genre imaginable. It's still a work in progress, but it's also a wonderful resource for book reviews. Go to http://horizonsbookblog.weebly.com/index.html to see what great books you've been missing!

Have fun reading, writing, and relaxing this Spring Break!