Hi, writers!

Okay, I know that I say this a lot, but I must start by seriously apologizing for not writing in over two months. It's amazing how busy one can be with just basketball, violin, and schoolwork to take up time! I am so sorry. I hereby vow to work on my webiste more. Well, we'll see how long that lasts!

On to more important matters: I have a wonderful book recommendation. It's actually a series, the Thursday Next Series. It is excellent science fiction, as well as being tremendously filled with comedy and classic literary allusion. Witty wordplay is everywhere. I'd recommend it for every writer, reader, artist, all around creative person, and everyone in between!

Do you have a book recommendation? The first step to great writing is reading...a lot! So, get ready to inspire others by sharing your favorite book titles. I'll post them here, on the MultiMedia page, for everyone to see and learn from!

Also, one more thing - looking to become more fluent in writing? Try keeping a journal! It is a wonderful creative outlet, and can be super fun as well. Anything like that, even a diary, will get you more fluent. In addition, they're a great resource for ideas for poems, stories, artwork, etc.

Any more ideas for finding inspiration? Send them to me!