Happy Holidays!

 Sorry for missing Hanukkah, but Christmas, Kwanzaa, and New Years are still on their way. May I point out that the world did not end, and the Maya never said it would. It's always fun to think something exciting might have happened, though!

The holiday season is the perfect time to share your writing as gifts and inspiration. Handmade gifts are almost always appreciated as more special than store-bought gifts, and writing and artwork are amazing forms that can inspire people.

A gift idea for any occasion: a "Gift of Writing." This can be a letter, a poem, a scrapbook, a collage, a photo book, snippets of memories.... anything heartfelt that you know has meaning for the person that you plan to give it to. These gifts can make people laugh, they can make people cry, but they are treasures that will be kept forever.

Also, it's never to late to give one of these gifts! Just because you might not be done in time for the holidays doesn't mean you can't still give one of these gifts. The more spontaneous, the more surprising! And the surprise is one thing that makes them truly special.

Happy Holidays! Enjoy writing, reading, relaxing, and spending time with your families during this wonderful holiday season.