The idea of looking at an object as if it held opposite qualities has always fascinated me. Take, for example, a poem I recently wrote. I took a delicate object, a flower, and compared it to a dragon, a flame. This might seem strange to some at first, but it makes for an eye-opening piece of writing.

Changing the way we look at things - writers do it all the time. And although I am just an aspiring writer, I figure I can try it as well. So take a look at the poem below!


Ignited by the end-of-summer sun

flowers burn in red fire fury

mouths opening with dragon-tongues

as weeds creep up like silent snakes, strangling them slowly


but the flames burn on

The presence of these small

strangled flowers

is immense

in a mass of mellow green

explosions crackle and burn through the calm

like a fire-breathing dragon in the night. 

And, as always, I'm open to constructive criticism. What worked? What didn't? Try using this style for yourself - it doesn't matter how you use it! All of you poets, essayists, playwrights, and fiction writers alike can enlighten your writing by simply changing the way that you look at things.

So go ahead and take a look outside! Does that old rusty pickup truck remind you of an antique chandelier? Can you compare a wilted leaf to a bonfire? Feel free to play around... always make sure your having fun with your writing!

And don't forget to send me some of this wonderful writing when it's finished!