Exciting news! I am working on getting a "custom domain," meaning that I will no longer be ".yolasite." How does thewritersjournal.org sound? Email me and let me know! Also, as you may have noticed, I have done away with Place of the Month. I went on to the site the other day and realized that I was still on the month of May! Sorry to those of you who submitted some; I promise that I realize your effort and appreciate that you shared your knowledge with a community of writers.

I am open to all suggestions and NEED YOU to email me with any complaints, compliments, and submissions. And if I don't get any Creative Entries soon, I'll freak. (Ayesha--I need you to submit some of those amazing drawings!
BasketballMovieGirl--please send me some of your movies/ trailers.)

I will try to blog more often, but I am incredibly busy.

Thank you for all of your support!
My hat is off to you, all of you wonderful writers. Mitchell--you submmitted 2 amazing stories! Everyone else; check them out. They're up on the Writing Page now!