For most of you, school is back in full swing, and I'm sure that at least a few of you aren't that excited; and thats okay. However, think of it as an amazing opportunity to get feedback on your writing. If you hand a piece of writing in to your teacher asking for constructive criticism, even if it isn't an assignment, I promise that you will learn a lot from their feedback. And try writing at least two pages of creative writing a week, and handing them in to your teacher; you will learn a lot about your writing style and see huge improvement over the year.

Also, here's a suggestion of a fun writing excercise that we did in LA class; try writing a Trickster Tale or Origin Story.
Some fun examples to research to get you started are:
Why Possum's Tail is Bare
Coyote and the Fire Stick
Anansi and the Yam Hills

Just searching "Trickster Tales" also comes up with some pretty good results.
If you try this activity, be sure to submit examples and I'll post them here!